Finding the right combination of sex and birth control is a big factor in how easy it is to have the best sex of your life. Sex is the ultimate in pleasure and can really bring about a sense of fulfillment. Having orgasms can give you that much needed release. Here is some Fun Sex Ideas to help you achieve your ultimate orgasmic state.

When I was in the “baby making” stage, I used to look forward to my doctor’s appointments because they gave me an idea as to what to expect at the end of the pregnancy. I learned early on how important this is to having a successful pregnancy. If you use the same methods and techniques, you will be able to have a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience during the period following the birth of your child.

When you are not on the pill, the following idea may be the most exciting thing you do during sex. It is called safe sex and is the only thing you can do to ensure that you are indeed pregnant with the correct sperm count. This is the best way to have multiple orgasms while you are pregnant.

You could make use of a sex toy for intercourse. In fact, it has become so popular today. But, if you don’t have one or want to try it first, you should consider buying a sex toy that comes in the form of a baby making accessory. The great thing about sex toys is that you can use them without the aid of a partner.

Some couples opt to have a shower together to keep their excitement going and allow them to enjoy the new baby even more. This is certainly not a good idea for women who are already too excited by the thought of the baby.

When you are using the birth control pills, you may experience some pain in the area around the uterus. This pain can be caused by the release of mucus from the uterus lining. If this happens to you, you can gently touch it with a piece of cotton then.

In fact, many couples who find themselves talking non-stop about sex, switch to more comfortable topics like wine and cheese. Although it may seem odd, it works wonders when there is no concern about the babies.

If you are having trouble with a stammering problem, why not practice a speech before having sex to help with your speech problem? Remember, you can practice on yourself and get good at it. Then, after the sex act, you can practice with someone else and you will soon forget about the speech.

Once you are ready to get the ball rolling and are on the brink of having an orgasm, you may want to consider using double penetration. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach orgasm and have the feeling of power in using your hands to perform oral sex on your man. This will lead to greater pleasure and a harder orgasm which give you the opportunity to increase the size of your orgasm and the amount of time you spend in the bed with your man.

An alternative to double penetration is to not use penetration at all and focus on just touching and caressing instead. If you have difficulty performing oral sex without penetration, you may need to practice oral sex until you get it down pat.

From birth control to childbirth to first timer sex tips, finding the right combinations is a challenge. Just remember that the best sex of your life is never rushed and is done naturally and without artificial stimulation.

I hope these Fun Sex Ideas helps you get your sexual juices flowing. Good luck!